Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Random thoughts...

Hi e-neighbors! Everyone's houses are looking so good :)

So, my preconstruction meeting is Friday and I must admit I am not that excited. It feels like nothing has been happening with the house and I've gotten caught up in "life".  Im hoping that after the meeting I will be just as excited as I was before.

I ended up having to go back to have a second appointment at RiteRug. I could not decide on the floors and cabinets.  I really liked the dark espresso cabinets, but I didnt really like any of the floor choices that I had to go with them.  RH did allow me to choose from the hardwood choices for houses built on slabs...but I still was not sure.  I ended up changing the cabinets and granite to match what was in the model (cherry bourdeaux cabs and tan brown granite) and added crown molding to the cabs and a chocolatey hardwood. I really like dark hardwoods and after being advised that my kitchen would be too dark...I DID IT ANYWAY!!! lol.

I decided to go with a full brick front after going back and forth between that and partial stone. I've noticed that alot of the houses in the neighborhood are partial stone, but I felt like my model (the Verona) would look better with brick. My Ryan rep assured me that the houses will be about half brick half stone,but that like my house the construction on the brick houses hasn't started yet. I went with Triangle's Sandfaced Brick "Southampton" because I felt it had a "stonish" color and texture.

But on to better news...I think I am going to love my neighborhood! Whenever I visit I am always surprised at how much progress has taken place since my last visit. Love that there will be kids close to my son's age for him to play with. I can just imagine him riding his bike on those rolling hills :)