Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Random thoughts...

Hi e-neighbors! Everyone's houses are looking so good :)

So, my preconstruction meeting is Friday and I must admit I am not that excited. It feels like nothing has been happening with the house and I've gotten caught up in "life".  Im hoping that after the meeting I will be just as excited as I was before.

I ended up having to go back to have a second appointment at RiteRug. I could not decide on the floors and cabinets.  I really liked the dark espresso cabinets, but I didnt really like any of the floor choices that I had to go with them.  RH did allow me to choose from the hardwood choices for houses built on slabs...but I still was not sure.  I ended up changing the cabinets and granite to match what was in the model (cherry bourdeaux cabs and tan brown granite) and added crown molding to the cabs and a chocolatey hardwood. I really like dark hardwoods and after being advised that my kitchen would be too dark...I DID IT ANYWAY!!! lol.

I decided to go with a full brick front after going back and forth between that and partial stone. I've noticed that alot of the houses in the neighborhood are partial stone, but I felt like my model (the Verona) would look better with brick. My Ryan rep assured me that the houses will be about half brick half stone,but that like my house the construction on the brick houses hasn't started yet. I went with Triangle's Sandfaced Brick "Southampton" because I felt it had a "stonish" color and texture.

But on to better news...I think I am going to love my neighborhood! Whenever I visit I am always surprised at how much progress has taken place since my last visit. Love that there will be kids close to my son's age for him to play with. I can just imagine him riding his bike on those rolling hills :)




    So glad everything is in order! Life gets crazy. But you'll get excited again. Especially since you can drive by and see it go up!

    Life here is great!!! I love it here! They haven't updated the lot picture in the model yet, but according to our Rep, there are only 34 lots left!! Talk about selling fast! =)

    So happy for you!

  2. You will start to get excited when you are at the meeting, I promise! We kind of felt the same way, it was so dead for a little while, that we felt no excitement. It'll start to get crazy before you know it though! We chose the Cherry Bordeaux w/ Crown Molding and Tan Brown Granite as well for our kitchen. I love the combo! And, I absolutely love the brick exterior! Looks so classy. YAY! :)

  3. Once they break ground things will be happening so fast that there is almost no time to not be excited. We have hit a little pause in the building process and even though there are little things done each day we visit, it is almost disappointing when we walk in and have to search for what has been done instead of can't miss it. Enjoy the calm because the storm of change is about to sweep you up!!!

  4. I am excited for you!! Sounds beautiful! And by the way, thanks for posting picture of model kitchen - we are getting the penninsula and the island, and I didn't know exactly how it would look as there are no Verona models close by, only existing builds we've been able to sneak peeks at... I really like it!!

  5. @Noey oh I know you know you know that model home :) If you are anything like me you know it TOO well!

    Thx everyone...I know it will come I just need to be patient. This house is like a dream come true for me but unlike in the fairytales...there is no instant transformation. I am sure ill be wishing for this calm in a few weeks....and I can't wait :)

    NestNewbies I can't wait to see your kitchen! I really like the colors and think the crown molding will look great.

    BD my rep told me they are trying to start ahead of the originally sched Aug 16 so I may find myself in the storm sooner than I thought..YAY!!!!

  6. GAPMom I really like the peninsula and kitchen too! I have sooo many pics of the Verona model bc its the model in my neighborhood. Let me know if there is something in particular you want to see. Or I can just post a bunch of pics and let you have fun with it :) My son has football practice later but I will try to get them up tonight.

  7. Oh you so rock. I would warmly welcome any photos you post. Thank you thank you thank you!

  8. hey RO! Remember me? If your house is the one I think it is, I LOVE IT!! It's beautiful! And I have heard others say the same thing. Your outside colors are so pretty! You should be closing soon, right? Congrats!

  9. Hi Noey! Of course I remember you :D I think my house is the one you
    think it is LOL...its kind of on a hill...light brick with black
    shutters? Thank you so much!!! I went yesterday and they'd taken the
    coverings off of the floors and I nearly cried. It was the first time
    that it looked like what I'd envisioned. Its funny you say that the
    colors are pretty. When they put the brick up I hated it I mean I was
    so upset because it just didnt look like it looked on that little
    sample sheet. But after they washed the brick it looked better. I was
    also worried because the colors on my house are a little lighter than
    a lot of the houses and I didnt want it to look too different or the
    neighbors feel like it messed up the "flow".

    My closing is scheduled for November 17th. I am so excited and so
    exhausted at the same time. I've met more neighbors and they all seem
    great. Have the finished up all of the lots on your street? I cant
    believe how many houses have gone up in the last couple of months!

  10. Yes!! That's the one! GORGEOUS!!! Love it! It faces my house so I see it every day! What a beautiful site! And what a great lot for it!! You did really well on picking a lot! (I remember you looking at them)

    I love the brick! It looks great! I think two houses on my street have that color, and then two others have a darker brick. I don't think it messes up any flow at all! It's awesome! And I know some of the people around me think so too.

    I haven't met many of the other neighbors up your way yet though. But the ones down here are simply wonderful!! =) There is one lot left down here to sell and I know someone looking at it.

    We have 3 others under construction. I think one is set to close really soon, and the next two probably before the end of December. We have lots of kids down here so far. A little boy in 3rd grade, my 3, another neighbor has a little boy, and another with 2 girls and infant. So it's nice. Very family friendly down here. And from what I can tell, throughout the the neighborhood.

    I think you are really gonna love it here!

  11. What phone provider services our neighborhood? I am having a hard time setting phone service up

  12. I have windstream and have bundled my home phone, internet and dish with them. Great deal.

    They took over CTC (concord telphone).