Monday, June 27, 2011

I REALLY want a porch :s

You know how you have a list of all the things you want in your "dream house"? Well, a porch was one of those things for me. Because I took so long to decide, I can not have a porch because the lot beside mine is also a Verona and they already picked the porch elevation. Instead I decided to tack on the side entry garage...but I can't seem to get that porch out of my dreams *sigh* If the porch means as much to me as I am starting to think that it does, I may have to move down to the next lot. I won't be able to get the side entry garage on that lot and it is not as big as my current lot.

I am going to sleep on it...


  1. Hi Ro. A front porch was also must for me, but it was an expensive upgrade. We started looking at the Venice, and were going to add a custom porch to it but it was only 4' or 5' wide - just not enough space to really utilize. We ended up with the Ravenna model, which has a great front porch. I gave up the stone facade that I also really, really wanted so that we could have the porch.

    I dislike front entry garages, but, you'll spend more time on a front porch than in the garage, right? And, I tend to think that a nice front porch kind of off-sets the fact that the garage is so prominent on the front.

    So, IMHO - change the lot and go for the house you've always wanted.

  2. Here's another thought...keep the lot, keep the side entry garage, and add the porch later...that way you get can't change your lot or garage entry later, but you can add a porch if you decide that you really, really, really want it and will use it.

  3. I have ALWAYS wanted a front porch. The home we lost in the b/k had a a great one. Full front, rocking chair front porch. I miss it. But I do like back yards too. You can put the rocking chairs back there, add a fence, a fire pit, a glass of wine.... I'm set! It's nice having a front porch....DEFINITELY!!! But I can make a nice space of my back yard too.

    GL deciding. I know it's not easy. Front porches are a nice thing.

  4. I know how you feel. The house I grew up in up in New England was right on a beach with a full wrap around porch that led up to a windowed sunroom. It was the most favorite part of the house to me. We were actually going for an elevation of my floorplan that had no porch but had the stone front (Im like Ravenna Ranter...I LOVE LOVE the stone front) but its was VERY pricey so the hubby comprimised with me and let me get the elevation that has a front porch but no stone (we'll hopefully add it later....fingers crossed on that one). I am very excited about the porch because not a lot of houses down here have them.

    Good luck with deciding...thats a tough one. Just weigh it all out...can you live without the side entry garage more than the porch? Or is the porch worth giving up the bigger lot? It will come to you...dont stress :)