Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Is anyone building the Verona with the Cottage Elevation?

What a day! Turns out I can have porch if I build the Verona with a cottage elevation. I didnt really want a cottage elevation but am noticing that the look varies from model to model. Besides the flower boxes, columns that widen and the shakes there isnt much difference. I would have preferred my partial brick to have a bit more brick... I will post the pics my rep sent me. I know on the other elevation there was more than one partial brick option. I hope that holds true for the cottage elevation as well.

I went to the NVR office today to officially sign my loan application. I have heard such horror stories about NVR but so far I have been very pleased with the customer service I have been getting all around. I know this is just the beginning but I am confident in the people working with me through this process :)

Current selection w/side entry

The one I wanted w/side entry and porch

The cottage elevation that I can get w/side entry and porch


  1. WOW...the cottage elevation looks really nice...definitely a unique look

  2. I like it! The widow boxes are so cute!! The only other major difference (besides the stone/brick)is the cottage look has bigger molding around windows instead of shutters, and a prettier door and garage door. Other than that, not a whole bunch different. I like it though.

    We have a cottage look something or other up the street from us. I thought it was this, but now I am thinking maybe the Capri. I'll to find out. If it's this, I'll post a pic for you.

    Out of curiosity, why won't they let you have the other elevation with the porch? Did they say?

    I do like the cottage look!

  3. My neighbor already chose the C elevation (porch) and you can not have two of the same models with the same elevation next to each other. I think I like the cottage look. On the Milan there is a lot more stone or brick which I like. Like on yours the entire side opposite the garage is stone. On this picture its that other material that I can't recall the name of right now. At least I have options...until someone buys the lot on the other side of me ...chuckle...

  4. This is a tough decision. I know you want a porch, and are not crazy about those window boxes, but I think its a really nice elevation. The side loading garage is going to look really good too. Is it possible for them to leave the window boxes off?

    All and all I love the house! You did a great job picking one out!

  5. Thanks Tameka...I can't wait till you come visit.

  6. I really like the cottage elevation alot. I had never seen that elevation til you posted. Apparently, it's not even an option in the community we're building in...

  7. Hi GAPMom! I am so sorry its taken me so long to reply. I've been packing bc ill be living with my boyfriend while the house is being built. I HATE PACKING! Lol....anywho ..originally they didn't have it as an option but I wanted a porch so badly they "found" this for me. I ultimately decided not to go with the cottage elevation but I do like the look.

  8. I think you made the right choice and your home will be beautiful. I'm excited to watch as it progresses