Sunday, July 3, 2011

My far...


Crawl Foundation
Elevation B
Partial Stone (currently debating between Rustic Kentucky and Rustic Penn)
Side entry garage w/ opener

Morning Room- did not add the addt'l optional window
Sliding door

Kitchen peninsula and island
Maple Espresso finish cabinets (currently checking on getting the cabinets above the refrigerator deepened to 24" and lengthened to 27" to bring them flush with the counter tops and a counter depth refrigerator)
Cabinet crown molding
Tile wall backsplash (haven't selected which one yet)
42" cabinets
St Cecilia granite
Range gas stove
recessed lights in the kitchn

Owner's bathroom w/separate shower w/seat and decorative tile, wheat granite, tile floor
double bowl vanities in master and secondary bathroom
 Maple spice raised panel in master and maple spice recessed panel in secondary and downstairs bathroom
White marble counter tops in secondary and downstairs bathroom

Bedroom on the first floor, w/ full bathroom
*Still debating adding french doors to the living room :s

Attic storage (still debating on getting rid of this)
Bonus room
Pine stair w/oak handrail and balusters
Bronze light fixtures and door knobs
7 ceiling fan rough ins
1 extra floodlight off of the morning room
Tankless water heater
12x14 deck
laminate hardwoods in the foyer, kitchen and morning room (haven't selected which ones yet)
carpet upgrade identical to what was in the model

I have my Guardian and RiteRug appointments within the next two weeks so all of this is subject to change :)


  1. OMGosh girl!! Looking good! Great selections!! LOOOOOOOOOOOVE THEM!!!!

    And look at you on that lot!! You go girl!! Is this just down from the model or on the road behind it?

    I do love your selections! Great taste! Can't wait to see them IN your house!! =)

  2. BTW... we started out with Penn. stone and then changed to the Kentucky. Go down to my street. Look at my stone (ken.) and then 2 houses down there is house, my house, with the same elevation but front garage. It has Penn. Stone. The Stone on the Dorsey next to the model is also Kentucky I think. May help to see them on other houses.

    GL!! Both are great colors! Won't be an easy choice!! Ask to if they can go through some of the color schemes with you for both stones. May help to narrow it down. Let us know what you decide. said Elev. B...does that mean you changed lots? I thought you had to go Cottage to get the porch?

  3. Thx!! I am indecisive so this was a process...and still is. I still have to figure out the study, floors and materials and colors for the outside but I love the decisions I've made so far. My lot is down the street from the model. In fact they are building a Verona to my left and a Ravena is across the street from it. I think there is a Dorsey Hall being built to the left of the Ravena.

    Thank you so much for the info on Kentucky vs Penn. I am leaning towards Kentucky now even though they are both great. But now its between partial stone and full brick. Full brick is a little less expensive than partial stone and I think it would look good on the Verona. I have a week to decide on that one :s

    I didn't change lots I decided to go without the porch. I really liked BD's suggestion that I could add it later if i wanted to. When I started thinking abt the type of furniture I have and will be buying it didn't really go with the cottage theme. Id done the same thing in the kitchen originally...not taking into consideration the type of furniture is be putting around it. Once I did that some of the decisions became easier.

    Hope you are having a happy 4th of July

  4. I know where you're building!! That is Dorsey next to the Rav.

    I can't wait to see it all going up! I'm sure you'll make all the right decisions for you!

    If you know you don't want white trim or do, that will help too. I KNEW I wanted a white garage door. So we asked to the color schemes for the stones that included that. It narrowed our choices down. If you know you want something a certain color, ask to see the color schemes for both stones with that. It may help. Just a thought.

    Have a great 4th!

  5. Great lot and great selections! I can't wait to see your lot transform into Verona!!!!

  6. Thanks Chelly :) You and me both !!!

  7. Just wanted to say hi, congratulations and thanks for your blog. We are waiting to hear back on an offer we made and hope to sign contract today on a Verona model. It's great to read others experience and get advice as this is completely overwhelming ( but exciting) at times. Best of luck and look forward to following your adventure. :)


  8. I'm jealous that you are able to get a deck through Ryan! They aren't available in our area.